UFC Fight Night: Almeida vs Garbrandt Predictions

UFC Almeida vs Garbrandt Predictions

Didn’t have much time to analysis the fighters and their previous fights, so the following predictions are just my gutsy predictions without much analysis. I did like to throw in a quick prediction for this UFC Fight Night, so here is the post;

Thomas Almeida vs Cody Garbrandt

My Pick: Thomas Almeida

Renan Barao vs Jeremy Stephens

My Pick: Barao wins by KO/TKO

Tarec Saffiedine vs Rick Story

My Pick: Rick Story

Josh Burkman vs Paul Felder

My Pick: Paul Felder

Aljamain Sterling vs Bryan Caraway

My Pick: Sterling


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UFC 198 Predictions

UFC 198 Predictions

Fabricio Werdum vs Stipe Miocic

My Pick: Fabricio Werdum

The champ win defend his belt against Stipe Miocic. From Werdum’s last couple of fights, 6 wins streak, its easy to predict Werdum has what it takes to beat Stipe Mioic and defend his belt.

Update: Cleveland will not have the belt. LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers will not have the NBA Champ neither.

Ronaldo Souza vs Vitor Belfort

My Pick: Vitor Belfort

This one is hard to pick. Jacare is in phenomenal shape and his last fight with Yoel Romero was outstanding as well. Even though Jacare lost his last fight, you can clearly see him dominating Yoel Romero in the last round. As for Belfort, his last fight with Dan Henderson lasted least than 1 round, so we are not sure how well he will perform if the fight goes all 3 rounds. I am a fan of Belfort, and I want to see him rematch with Luke Rockhold for the Middleweight belt. I would love to see Belfort defeat Rockhold again and become the new UFC Middleweight Champion. Thus, my prediction for this fight is Vitor Belfort.

One of the important aspect of the fight is that its taking place in Brazil. As we all know, the Brazil Athletic Commission has a different drug testing standard than the Nevada. Belfort’s body wasn’t in good shape when he fought Chris Weidman back in May 23, 1015 and he also had a year and a half layoff before that fight. But the story is different this time, they are fighting in Brazil and Belfort has been active in the last year. So lets see how both fighters’ physique look like in the weigh in. If Belfort is rip and his abs are tight, then he really has a higher chance of winning the fight.

Cristiane ‘Cyborg’ Justino vs Leslie Smith

My Pick: Cyborg

Obviously my pick is Cyborg. Everybody would pick Cyborg in this fight. I don’t even know who Leslie Smith is, and I don’t bother looking up her previous fights. Cyborg for KO or TKO. Period.

Mauricio Rua vs Corey Anderson

My Pick: Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua?? Corey Anderson??

Mauricio Shogun Rua hasn’t won 2 streak fights since April 2009 and Corey Anderson hasn’t fight any big name fighters yet. Shogun is 34 and Anderson is only 26, 8 years age difference. If I really need to pick a winner for this fight, I would go with the young gun Corey Anderson.

If you are placing bets on the fights on UFC 198, I recommend you don’t bet on this fight. There are too many uncertainties on this fight, and their last couple of fights cannot give you a good analysis on how the fighters will perform in their next fight with each other.

Demian Maia vs Matt Brown

My Pick: Demian Maia

Demian Maia looked very impressive in his last few fights. Although Matt Brown look good on his last fight too, but I am going with Demian Maia on this.

Antonio Rogerio Nogueira vs Patrick Cummins

My Pick: Little Nog

Nogueira lost his last 2 fights and Cummins lost 2 of his last 3 fights. They both don’t look so well in the cage. Those KO and TKO can very hurt you in the long run, it could chip away you toughness and reaction time in a fight. On a side note, Nogueira did went all 3 rounds with Shogun Rua in his last fight. Even though he lost by decision, it was a tough fight and they won fight of the night

Update: Omfg, Patrick Cummins had lost a front tooth. His weigh in is hilarious when you see him with that big smile with a missing incisor.


Let me know what you think of the fights, do you agree with my predictions? Share your thoughts and leave a comment below in the comments area.

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UFC Fight Night 87 Overeem vs. Arlovski Prediction Results

UFC Fight Night 87 – Overeem vs. Arloski Prediction Results

As the title says, this blog post will be listing my prediction results from UFC fight night 87 Overeem vs. Arloski. Originally, I didn’t post my predictions on this blog, but I did like to post my results here. My prediction results for UFC 197 were 2 wins and 1 lost, and the prediction results for Fight Night 87 was also the same; 2 wins and 1 lost.

Alistair Overeem vs Andrei Arlovski

My Pick: Overeem

Result: Overeem won by TKO in the second round

Antonio Silva vs Stefan Struve

My Pick: Big Foot Silva

Result: Struve KO Silve in just 16 seconds in the first round

Gunnar Nelson vs Alber Tumenov

My Pick: Gunnar Nelson

Result: Nelson won by submission, rear-naked choke, in the second round


UFC 198 Predictions

I will list my UFC 198 predictions in the next post. It should be up and ready in the next few hours.

Update: Here is the link to my UFC 198 Predictions.

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UFC 197 Predictions

UFC 197 Predictions

Alright, I want to write another UFC predictions today. I will keep this short and simple this time.

Jon Jones vs Ovince Saint Preux

Jon Jones vs OSP. Jon Jones’ first fight after about 1 and a half year off from competing at the octagon. I simply believe Jones will win from his previous performances at the octagon. His energy and fight style make me believe in him. I could go on and write 3 to 5 more paragraphs about how he can win against OSP, but I am not going to do that today. Let’s keep this short, Jon Jones wins by TKO or unanimous decision.

Pick – Jon Jones

Demetrious Johnson vs Henry Cejudo

Henry Cejudo looks very good on the weigh in. Now the questions is, can he take DJ to the ground? Is DJ’s take down defense good enough to avoid the olympiant’s attack?

DJ pretty much ran through all of his previous opponents. 7 successful title defenses. No jokes here, those are all top ranked fighters who challenge for the title, and DJ dominated them, out gased them. DJ was able to kept the same pace for all 5 rounds. Can Cejudo’s cardio keep up with DJ if the fight goes into championship round?

Cejudo’s last couple opponents wasn’t top ranked guys, so there is not enough information to analysis Cejudo’s skill against tougher opponents. I see this as another guy who DJ would just run through. Yea, my prediction is that DJ will fight Cejudo for 5 rounds and win by unanimous decision.

Pick – Johnson

Anthony Pettis vs Edson Barboza

Both fighters came back from lost. Pettis lost his last two fights against Eddie Alvarez and Rafael Dos Anjos, where as Barboza lost 2 of his last 3 fights. So this fight is pretty important for both fighters. If Pettis wants to get another crack at the title, he needs this fight. The picture is a little different for Edson Barboza, a top 10 ranked fighter at the lightweight. If Barboza wins, he might be able to crack into the top 5. Another 2 or 3 fight win streak could earn him the title shot if the circumstance is right.

Alright, fight analysis. Base on Barboza’s last few lost, you can see there is a leak in his ground game. Barboza is not great at attacking and defending at the ground. Once he got take down to the ground, he has that moment of panicking. 1 or 2 seconds we are talking about here. A moment that he needs to switch from stand up game to ground game. It didn’t came to him naturally, and he needs to adjust for it. For those 1 or 2 seconds, a high level BJJ practitioner can really take advantage of it. This is exactly what Cowboy Cerrone and Tony Ferguson did. They saw the opening and jumped on him, and eventually submitted Barboza.

If Pettis is able to knock Barboza down with a high kick, stumble him or take him down to the ground, then Pettis has a high chance of grinding out Barboza on the mat and take advantage of Barboza’s weaker ground game. Maybe even a submission victory. If the game is a stand up fight, then Barboza has an edge with his elite Muay Thai skill and vicious leg kick. I would definitely give the fight to Barboza if he could keep the game standing up and avoid the take downs.

I am a long time Edson Barboza fan and I love his fighting styles, I would love to see Barboza take down the victory against Pettis. On the realistic side, Barboza really needs to improve his BJJ and ground skills in general. His leak on the ground is very obvious, and the Pettis team would have notice that for sure. If Pettis’ game plan is to take down and fight on the mat, then its a bad night for Barboza. After putting  all the aspects into account, I think Pettis will win if he has a proper game plan and take advantage of Barboza’s weaker ground game.

Pick – Pettis

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Highest Poker Referral Rate

Best Poker Refer-A-Friend Program, Highest Referral Rate – Part 2

Why we can offer the highest referral rates in the poker industry

In the previous part of the article, we had introduced you to our poker referring program, which is up to 20% commission rate for referring your friends to RakebackMind.com. In this second part of the article, we will compare the referral programs between different websites in the current online poker market, how we can offer such high rates for the referral program and why you should use our referral program instead of signing up to become a direct affiliate with the poker rooms.

If you haven’t read the first part of the article, here is the link:
Best Poker Refer-A-Friend Program, Highest Referral Rate – Part 1

Other Referral Programs in the Market

Poker rakeback sites such as RakeTheRake.com and TheNuts.com are considered pioneers in the rakeback industry, but they only offer a small referral rate of 4%. Similar rakeback website like rakeback.com doesn’t have a referral program at all. In fact, a referral rate of 4-6% is very common in the online poker world. But why are they only offering a 4% refer-a-friend program whereas RakebackMind.com can offer up to 20%? We are offering 5 times more than our competitors!

To understand how we can offer such high rates for our referral program, you have to first understand the affiliate deal differences between poker rooms offering rakeback and poker rooms offering only VIP program. For poker rooms offering rakeback, after the rakeback is given back to the players, the affiliate is typically left with a 10-15% revenue share. If they need to give 4% in their referral program, then they are only left with 6-11% revenue share. Where as in poker rooms with VIP program, the affiliate deal is usually around 20-25% revenue share. The reason they have a higher revenue share percentage is because they don’t need to give rakeback back to the poker players.

RakeTheRake and TheNuts both included rakeback and VIP deals in their offers. Given the above information on affiliate deals, their poker profits range from 10-25% (10-15% for rakeback offers and 20-25% for VIP offers). Thus, their poker referral program cannot exceed 10%, because they cannot give the users more money than what the company earns. As you can see, 4% referral rate is not that bad for referred players on rakeback deals. But if your referred players are playing on a VIP poker rooms, then RakeTheRake or TheNuts is keeping 16-21% revenue for themselves. Those websites might not earn much from your referred rakeback players, but are earning a lucrative amount from your VIP program players.

How and why do we offer such high rates for the referral program?

If some affiliate deals are only 10-15% revenue share, then how can RakebackMind.com give such high referral percentage of up to 20%? The answer is simple; we do not include poker sites with rakeback deal on our offer list. Instead, we focus on poker sites with VIP programs. By avoiding poker sites with rakeback, we make sure our affiliate deals are around 20-25% revenue share. In this case, higher referral rate is feasible. At the same time, we will certainly have less selection of poker rooms, but we do hand pick the best poker rooms for our players.

By given up to 20% revenue share to our players for referring their friends, it still leaves us with a small profit of 5%. By the time when you can reach the 20% referral rate which is $50,000 in rake generated by your referrals, we can go in and bargain with the poker sites to increase our affiliate deal percentage. With such high amount of rakes generated by our players, a bargain with the poker site for an additional 5% revenue share should be possible, and then we could increase our profit into 10%. For poker deals that are originally only 20% in revenue share, we need to bargain for a 25% revenue share in order to maintain a profit.

Big amount of referral earnings for the users would increase their incentives to refer more poker players to our website RakebackMind.com. By accumulating more active poker players, our smaller share of the revenue share would build up and thus creating a bigger sum of profit for the website. By creating such a system in rakebackmind.com, it’s a win-win situation for our company and our players. Our players would receive the highest rate for referring friends to our poker sites while we are still making a profit.

Referral Program not offered in some popular poker websites

Rakeback.com used to have a poker refer a friend program in the old days, but unfortunately they had removed it. The move is of course to gain the company extra incomes by eliminated the player referral bonus, but it also decreased the players’ incentive to refer friends to their website.

If removing the referral program will lead to a decline of player sign ups, then why is the website still making this decision? One possible reason for removing the program might be that they believe the referral program is costing more money than the revenue generated by their new poker players. Another reason might be Rakeback.com is greedy and they don’t want to share this revenue with their players. Their domain name is so superior, whoever searches the keyword “rakeback” will find their website on the front page of the search engines, so they don’t need to worry about traffic. With traffics, then there would be conversions and new player signups. Thus, Rakeback.com doesn’t seem to worry much about getting new player sign ups.

Larger poker information sites such as PokerListings.com and HighStakesDB.com also do not have a refer-a-friend program for their poker sign ups. One of the major reasons that they eliminated the option for a poker referral program is that they have a well established website. Their established contents and links will bring in a significant amount of traffic to the website each month. With a large monthly traffic value, those sites are usually not concerned with a player referral program since their traffics can guarantee them a certain amount of sign ups each month. Also, a poker player referral program will cost the company money, because they have to give a certain percentage of their poker revenue back to the players/referrers. The referral program therefore will reduce the company’s net revenue.

We don’t like the business model of not including a poker refer-a-friend program within a poker bonus website. We believe a win-win model would be ideal and sustainable for the long run. Players will receive extra money for referring their friends to our website, and our website earns a small amount for signing up each new players. The more new players our users refer, the more money they will earn. The more players we have, the higher the revenue we could generate. Small profits can add up to a large profit with a large sum of active players. We would love to share the profit with our players for their hard work to bring in new players to our website.

Become a poker affiliate for higher poker commissions?

If being a poker room’s affiliate earns 20-25% revenue share for referring friends to their poker rooms, why shouldn’t I just sign up and become an affiliate? First of all, there’s a lot of work to do to become an effective affiliate. You have to negotiate different deals with the poker rooms; this usually takes awhile with many emails going back and forth. As new affiliate, you won’t get a good deal compared to the already established affiliates, simply because you can’t bring in as much sign ups as the established affiliates. You will receive a lower revenue share percentage on your affiliate deal to be honest. Secondly, you have to set up a decent website for your friends to sign up to the poker rooms. Developing a good poker bonus website includes lots of work, so I won’t go into details here. Creating an informative poker website takes at least several months of hard work and cost somewhere around couple hundreds to couple thousands of dollars, not to mention the time and effort needed for doing the poker room researches and writing contents and reviews in your poker site. If you just want to refer your friends to a poker room and earn some referral fees, we strongly suggest you try out our referral program, it’s the best poker referral program you can find anywhere in the market, the highest referral rates too. We haven’t see any sites that can match or even come close to our highly referral rates.


Our website RakebackMind.com has been established for many years and well known for our friendly referral program in the online poker market, you can refer your friends to our website anytime you want. This could save you lots of time and hustle for creating your own affiliate deal and poker bonus website. We have already set up the poker deals with many top poker rooms, and our refer-a-friend program will give you a high rate for referring your friends to us. With this high referral rate, you can make a decent second income for referring many players to us. The more players you refer, the more rakes they will generate, and that converts to earning more money from our referral program. Remember, in our poker refer-a-friend program, you the referrer are receiving the larger percentage of the profit while we are receiving the smaller profit.

Visit RakebackMind.com now and start earning money by referring your poker friends to us!

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Best Poker Referral Program

Best Poker Refer-A-Friend Program, Highest Referral Rate – Part 1

Do you have friends interested in diving into the world of online poker? Chat with your friends all the time and ready to refer him and earn a share of his rakes? Or maybe you know some seasoned live poker players that are curious about online poker? If so now is time to do them a favour by referring them to RakebackMind.com and get a piece of his rakes for life. By referring them to RakebackMind.com, you will be rewarded every time they play.  If they go on to refer friends, you will earn money for the poker they play too. This means you get money from both referrals and sub-referrals.

For opening a free account with rakebackmind.com, you can access our members’ area and find your unique referral link. You can then use your unique referral link to send your friends to our website. People who use your referral link to sign up for an account with us will be tracked to you. Any poker rooms he/she signs up for will be tracked under your referral as well. You don’t need to be a tracked poker player with us in order to refer friends to our website. All you need is a free user account with us in order to referring friends and earn commissions. Of course you can always download the poker software through our website and take advantages of our sign up bonus.

RakebackMind.com has the highest and best poker refer-a-friend program in the online poker industry. Refer your poker friends to RakebackMind.com and you can earn up to 20% of their rakeback for life. This is the highest and most generous commission rate on the market. Now let’s take a closer look at how the referral and sub-referral rates are divided.

Referral Rate Earnings

Currently any referral you make will receive our current sign up bonus and you will receive a variable referral rate according to the table below.

Tiers for Everyone
If Referred Player MGR is Over You Will Receive
$0 12%
$5,000 13%
$15,000 14%
$30,000 15%
$50,000 17%

Multi-Level Referrals

Did you know that you can now earn money for the players that your referrals refer?

If you refer Player-A, you receive a share of that player’s rake (rates explained above). Now, if Player-A refers Play-B, you ALSO earn a share of Player-B. For full rates and details please see the table below.

Multi-Level Referral Breakdown for Everyone
Level 1 Variable According to Above
Level 2 2%
Level 3 1%

Referral Earning Example

If you refer Player-A to our website and he rakes $50,000 in a month, and Player-A refers Player-B who rakes $30,000 in a month. In addition, Player-B also refers Player-C who rakes $20,000 in a month. See below calculations for your total commissions:

$50,000 X 17% = $8,500
$30,000 X 2% = $600
$20,000 X 1% = $200

$8,500 + $600 + $200 = $9,300

Your total referral commissions will be $9,300.

This high referral rate is here to stay

The poker referral rate in rakebackmind.com will stay the same forever, as we believe this structure will be beneficial for the company in the long run. An ideal win-win situation is preferable everywhere, we love to see our customers are happily earning money while helping us by referring their poker friends to our website.

Visit RakebackMind.com now and start earning money by referring your poker friends to us!


Further reading:

Best Poker Refer-A-Friend Program, Highest Referral Rate – Part 2
Why we can offer the highest referral rates in the poker industry

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UFC 181 Predictions

UFC 181 Predictions

Urijah Faber vs. Francisco Rivera –> Faber

Faber wins by submission. We all know that Urijah Faber never lost a non title fight. This fight should be no exception. Faber will once again fall into that category, a win is expected from him.

Travis Browne vs. Brendan Schaub –> Travis Browne

I had watched the last couple of fights for both Brown and Schaub, it looked that Brown has the upper hand in this fight. A potential of going all 3 rounds and end by decision, by in the heavyweight bouts, a knockout can happy anytime.

Anthony Pettis vs. Gilbert Melendez –> Gilbert Melendez

Melendez wins by knockout. I would have to go with Gilbert Melendez for this fight. He has been very sharp for his last couple of fights, especially the last fight against Diego Sanches, it was an epci fight. Fight of the year 2013. Anthony Pettis just came back from surgery, don’t know how that will impact his fight. Even if Pettis was health and no surgery, I would still have my bets on Melendez for the title fight. Tomorrow Melendez will be the newly crowned champ.

Johny Hendricks vs. Robbie Lawler –> Robbie Lawler

Lawler wins by knockout. Lets talk a step back and talk about the last fight between Hendricks and Lawler. I had Hendricks and Lawler 2-2 before going into the last round, as many people rated that as well. What happened in the last round was that Hendricks was more desperate for the title, he simply wanted it more than Lawler. In the fifth round, Lawler kinda lost focus on the title and just want to finish the 5 minutes, the way I saw it was that his body gave up on the title but his mind cannot overcome it to push it further. His will power for the title was not enough in the last fight.

After losing the title fight, Robbie Lawler should have a clear understanding whether he wants the UFC Champion title or not, and how much does he wants it. Unarguably, Lawler showed his heart and improvements in his next 2 fights that he wanted the title shot again. I would say he is mentally prepared for the title fight this time. With all the puzzles put together, Lawler with a stronger heart and desire for the title, he will be the new welterweight champ tomorrow night in Las Vegas.

Johny Hendricks is a tough opponent on the other hand. His left hand knockout power is always dangerous, never count him out on that one. Remember he had bicep injury on his last fight with Lawler, now he underwent surgery to repair that torn bicep, we just don’t know how much that will impact the fight tomorrow. Similar situation to Pettis, Hendricks had been out of action for some times while his opponent is actively competing and staying in shape. After obtaining the champion belt, Hendricks’ confident level will definitely be rocket high and even more desperate to keep the title and prove that he is the true champ. Tomorrow’s fight between Hendricks and Lawler should be a very exciting match. Even with those positive attributes about Hendricks, I would still have my pick on Lawler winning the fight. If the fight goes the distance and head to fifth round again, it once again all depends on who wants more this time.

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