The Jeremy Lin Show, Linsanity, Legend In New York

The Jeremy Lin Show, Linsanity, Legend In New-York, Super Lintendo; Whatever you call it, its been a pretty crazy week following the New York Knicks.  The rise of Jeremy Lin is very exciting follow.  Every game was spectacular, now the news talk about him, sports magazines talk about him, every medias talk about him.  Lin was everywhere during the last week, even my honey got excited and talk about the Jeremy Lin stuff, she rarely watch basketball games with me by the way.

The Knicks games were not broadcast on my local TV channels, so I have to watch the game highlight videos on YouTube.  Thanks @shacmng for uploading the videos to YT.  If you guys are interested, his YT channel is “shacmngCP3”.  You probably have watched the videos uploaded by him if you had watched any J.Lin highlight videos in the last couple of days.  Although I could watch the whole ball game on online streaming websites, but I did prefer to just watch the highlights, hahaha… The Knicks next game will be tomorrow against the Raptors, it will be on TV this time, maybe I will watch the whole game.  Looking forward to Jeremy Lin’s performance, and the fans at Air Canada Centre  will get extremely CRAZY tmr night, I can guarantee that.  They have a ton of basketball fans from the Asian community at Toronto.

Personally speaking, I don’t like the nickname “Linsanity”.  It keeps reminding me of “Vinsanity”.  Although the Vinsanity days were long gone, but I feel like the X-“insanity” term should still belong to VC.  Are those guys comparing J.Lin to VC?  Probably not.  But they should really consider give J.Lin a new nickname, something unique for him.  “Legend In New York” is not bad, the first letter of the words = LIN.

The first time Jeremy Lin caught my attention was back in the days when he dropped 30 pts against UCONN.  He was a skinny kid back at the time, and now you look at him again, he gained a lot of muscles.  The second time Lin caught people’s eye was the 2010 NBA Summer League, in one of the games, Lin once again played furiously well against that year’s #1 pick, John Wall.  *Side note, John Wall is famous for his John Wall Dance, lol, you gotta check it out if you have never watch the john wall dance.

Will Jeremy Lin make 20+ points against the Raports tomorrow?  Will the Jeremy Lin Show continue and the Knicks keep its winning streak?  We will find out the answer tomorrow night. Happy Valentine’s Day.

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