Best Poker Referral Program

Best Poker Refer-A-Friend Program, Highest Referral Rate – Part 1

Do you have friends interested in diving into the world of online poker? Chat with your friends all the time and ready to refer him and earn a share of his rakes? Or maybe you know some seasoned live poker players that are curious about online poker? If so now is time to do them a favour by referring them to and get a piece of his rakes for life. By referring them to, you will be rewarded every time they play.  If they go on to refer friends, you will earn money for the poker they play too. This means you get money from both referrals and sub-referrals.

For opening a free account with, you can access our members’ area and find your unique referral link. You can then use your unique referral link to send your friends to our website. People who use your referral link to sign up for an account with us will be tracked to you. Any poker rooms he/she signs up for will be tracked under your referral as well. You don’t need to be a tracked poker player with us in order to refer friends to our website. All you need is a free user account with us in order to referring friends and earn commissions. Of course you can always download the poker software through our website and take advantages of our sign up bonus. has the highest and best poker refer-a-friend program in the online poker industry. Refer your poker friends to and you can earn up to 20% of their rakeback for life. This is the highest and most generous commission rate on the market. Now let’s take a closer look at how the referral and sub-referral rates are divided.

Referral Rate Earnings

Currently any referral you make will receive our current sign up bonus and you will receive a variable referral rate according to the table below.

Tiers for Everyone
If Referred Player MGR is Over You Will Receive
$0 12%
$5,000 13%
$15,000 14%
$30,000 15%
$50,000 17%

Multi-Level Referrals

Did you know that you can now earn money for the players that your referrals refer?

If you refer Player-A, you receive a share of that player’s rake (rates explained above). Now, if Player-A refers Play-B, you ALSO earn a share of Player-B. For full rates and details please see the table below.

Multi-Level Referral Breakdown for Everyone
Level 1 Variable According to Above
Level 2 2%
Level 3 1%

Referral Earning Example

If you refer Player-A to our website and he rakes $50,000 in a month, and Player-A refers Player-B who rakes $30,000 in a month. In addition, Player-B also refers Player-C who rakes $20,000 in a month. See below calculations for your total commissions:

$50,000 X 17% = $8,500
$30,000 X 2% = $600
$20,000 X 1% = $200

$8,500 + $600 + $200 = $9,300

Your total referral commissions will be $9,300.

This high referral rate is here to stay

The poker referral rate in will stay the same forever, as we believe this structure will be beneficial for the company in the long run. An ideal win-win situation is preferable everywhere, we love to see our customers are happily earning money while helping us by referring their poker friends to our website.

Visit now and start earning money by referring your poker friends to us!


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