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UFC Poker, WTF!?!

Do you guys know UFC launched its poker brand, lol.  I didn’t know it even exist until last week when I was checking some MMA news.  The UFC poker promotions randomly popped into sight, my first reaction was like “wtf, … Continue reading

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Morning Grind for the 65 Billion Mile Stone Hand

If you have read my previous post, the jackpot time estimation was off by 3 hours, even if you add the 1:30 hour tolerance, its still off by a hour and half.  The main factor is the lack of traffic at … Continue reading

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PokerStars 65 Billion Hands Will Land Around 7:00 AM This Morning

Just few quick words.  PokerStars 65 billion hands will hit sometimes this morning.  According to my simple calculation, it should hit around 7:00 AM.  But I would give it a +/- 1:30 time window at the most, so 5:30 to … Continue reading

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Another day without poker

Wasted today doing nothing, literally.  Did not play poker today, actually I have not play poker for almost a week.  Not motivated to play poker at all.  Secondly, I didn’t play well on the last couple sessions; huge downswing.  LOL.  This … Continue reading

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