Monday, 10 Nov 2014

Haven’t write a post on this blog for quite some time, almost 2 years. So much to say, but no much to write. Life changed a bit since two years ago; I don’t play online poker as much as I used to, in fact, I have not play a single hand for about 6 months. Or maybe even more than that, I lost count. Played numerous Sunday Millions on PokerStars before I gradually stopped playing poker. Wow, never thought I did stop playing online poker when I could still make some money there. Not as easy as it used to be, but still beatable in the lower stake games.


Yea, I still watch a lot of MMA stuffs, UFC to be specific. Watched all the UFC pay-per-view events, and some fight night event as well. The next UFC fight night (Edgar vs. Swanson) is very good, the cards are consider  stacked for a free TV event. Have not post any MMA prediction for a very long long time. Here we go…

UFC Fight Nigth: Edgar vs. Swanson Predictions

Frankie Edgar vs. Cub Swanson –> Frankie Edgar

Two tough fighters, both look very sharp from their last couple of fights. I am leaning towards Edgar for the win, but a rematch between Swanson and Aldo would be interesting to watch.

Bobby Green vs. Edson Barboza –> Edson Barboza

I just have the vision that Edson Barboza will someday become the UFC lightweight champion, so his fight prediction is very easy for me. Barboza for the win.

Joseph Benavidez vs. Dustin Ortiz –> Joseph Benavidez

Don’t know much about Dustin, at least I don’t remember who he is or when he last fight. Benavidez’s last couple fights looked pretty good, excepted the lost to the champ. If you look at his records, all his 4 lost came from the champ or former champ; Demetrious Johnson and Dominick Cruz. So the bet is on Joseph Benavidez on this fight.

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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The Jeremy Lin Show, Linsanity, Legend In New York

The Jeremy Lin Show, Linsanity, Legend In New-York, Super Lintendo; Whatever you call it, its been a pretty crazy week following the New York Knicks.  The rise of Jeremy Lin is very exciting follow.  Every game was spectacular, now the news talk about him, sports magazines talk about him, every medias talk about him.  Lin was everywhere during the last week, even my honey got excited and talk about the Jeremy Lin stuff, she rarely watch basketball games with me by the way.

The Knicks games were not broadcast on my local TV channels, so I have to watch the game highlight videos on YouTube.  Thanks @shacmng for uploading the videos to YT.  If you guys are interested, his YT channel is “shacmngCP3”.  You probably have watched the videos uploaded by him if you had watched any J.Lin highlight videos in the last couple of days.  Although I could watch the whole ball game on online streaming websites, but I did prefer to just watch the highlights, hahaha… The Knicks next game will be tomorrow against the Raptors, it will be on TV this time, maybe I will watch the whole game.  Looking forward to Jeremy Lin’s performance, and the fans at Air Canada Centre  will get extremely CRAZY tmr night, I can guarantee that.  They have a ton of basketball fans from the Asian community at Toronto.

Personally speaking, I don’t like the nickname “Linsanity”.  It keeps reminding me of “Vinsanity”.  Although the Vinsanity days were long gone, but I feel like the X-“insanity” term should still belong to VC.  Are those guys comparing J.Lin to VC?  Probably not.  But they should really consider give J.Lin a new nickname, something unique for him.  “Legend In New York” is not bad, the first letter of the words = LIN.

The first time Jeremy Lin caught my attention was back in the days when he dropped 30 pts against UCONN.  He was a skinny kid back at the time, and now you look at him again, he gained a lot of muscles.  The second time Lin caught people’s eye was the 2010 NBA Summer League, in one of the games, Lin once again played furiously well against that year’s #1 pick, John Wall.  *Side note, John Wall is famous for his John Wall Dance, lol, you gotta check it out if you have never watch the john wall dance.

Will Jeremy Lin make 20+ points against the Raports tomorrow?  Will the Jeremy Lin Show continue and the Knicks keep its winning streak?  We will find out the answer tomorrow night. Happy Valentine’s Day.

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2012 Poker Goals

My 2012 poker goals.  I was gonna post it on the first week of January, but keep forgetting it. Its been half way through January now, I am finally making this post.  I had the goals typed in the MS word file during the first few days of Jan, but because of the PokerStars table limit reduction incident, I was not in the mood to post it on those days.  Anyways, here are the goals;

1. Move up to 100 NL by late April – Its been a little bit more than 2 weeks into the 50 NL, doing alright there, small winner.  The first few days of this year did ran very well on 50 NL, but I wasn’t able to keep up the consistence.  Had 2 days of downswing, which made me from a big winner to a small winner, both run bad and play bad.  I got on tilt at some point and lost a big chunk of $$.  The goal is beat 50 NL consistently, and then move up to 100 NL by late April.  I have 4 months to accomplish this, at any point if I feel comfortable enough, I will move up before April.

2. Move up to 200 NL by the end of the year –  This is the main goal for 2012.  Moving back to 100 NL has always been on my mind, that is where I got crushed last year.  I ended up withdrew all my money and moved to FTP to play 50 NL… then Black Friday came, I cashed out most of my money but keep playing there until the site got completely shut down.  I still have nearly 3 K at FTP, hopefully we will get our money back this year… Anyways, this year is to beat 100 NL and reach 3.0 BB/100 for the latest 50K hands before moving up to 200 NL.  3.0 BB/100 for 100 NL is no easy task here, I need to work hard to achieve this goal.  Of course, I need to be a winning 200 NL player once I move up there.

3. Watch at least 1 coaching video per week

4. Read at least 1 concept of the week per month at 2p2

5. Play at least 30 hours per month – Right now I am only playing poker as a part time job, so 30 hours per month sounds reasonable.  Remember it is “at least”, so I might put in some extra hours on the weekend.

6. Read at least 3 poker books this year – I have bought couple of poker books from last week, including Raiser’s Edge.  I might play a few more online tournaments this year, but the main focus is still cash games.  Raiser’s Edge is a advance tournament strategy book so I would not starting reading it until I have read Kill Phil and Kill Everyone.  Also, I need more tournament experiences in order to understand the concepts in Raiser’s Edge.  The must read book for 2012 is Elements of Poker by Tommy Angelo.  I have the book in my computer for quite some time.  One of the reasons I haven’t read it is because I like reading the paper books better, so whenever I am on the computer, I tend to play poker instead of reading some e-books.  I will finish EoP this year, no doubt about it.

7. Read Ed Miller’s short stack, and TAG style strategy articles – Strategy articles from Ed Miller are always fun to read.  For 2012, I will read some short stack strategy articles to get a better understanding on how they play the short stacks, and have more strategies to combat against them.

8. Watch all nanonoko’s coaching videos – I had around 8 of them, watched 6, 2 more to go.  This can be done within this week.

9.  Watch all Phil Galfond’s coaching videos – Phil Galfond’s BlueFire Poker NL hold’em coaching videos, I have 20+ of them.  I will try to watch them all by late April as well.

10.  Play at least 2 PokerStars Sunday Millions 

11.  Play WCOOP main event – The event takes place at Sept, a lot of time to prepare for it.  The buy-in is very heavy though, I will play it if I feel ready for it.  If at that point I am not comfortable for putting 5K for a tournament buy-in, then I will try to get in by satellites.

There.  The above are my goals for 2012.  Number 10 and 11 are optional for the to-do list, but I will play those tournaments if things run well this year.  Wish me good luck on achieving my poker goals for 2012.

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PokerStars Apologize For Penalized The Non-Protesters

After 2 complaint e-mails to PokerStars support, they finally replied this afternoon.  I know I got too much time on hand to write them the complaint letters, but it makes me feel better tho.  Whatever makes me feel good, I will do it, including writing the letters to PS support to express my anger and dissatisfaction.   To release the anger out to PS is much healthier than keeping it to myself.  An apologize e-mail received from PS support, and apologies accepted of course.  That should be the end of this new year’s drama.  Happy New Year everyone, good luck at the tables both live and online.

Hello XXX,

We appreciate the time you took to send this email.

We are sorry if your privileges were removed even though you were not taking part on this strike. A few players that were just sitting out were penalized, you included. 

Please accept our apologies for this misunderstanding and we hope to see you at the tables soon! 


PokerStars Support Team
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PokerStars Non-Protester Got Banned Update IV

Alright, finally found out what happened.  The PS 2p2 regs had a mass sitout protest on PokerStars about the recent rake change, protest started on Jan 1st at 1200 EST, and PS decided to banned everyone who sit out all their tables.

After finding out that other players got banned too, I went over to 2p2 and searched “PokerStars banned”.  The original purpose was to look for threads other banned players post on 2p2 about their situations.  Instead of a list of complaint threads, I found the followings:

The 2p2 regs planned a mass sitout to protest PS rake changes, and PS responded by banning the protester and reduced their ring game table limit to one.  But wait, I didn’t take part in this protest, I didn’t even know anything about this protest (now I know of course), why the fuck did PS banned me?  Answer is simply, I went for a quick washroom break and clicked “sit out” on all the tables.  PokerStars was so damn smart that they banned anyone who sit out on the tables.  A non-protester got unlucky and banned, PS didn’t give a fuck about it.  One simple rule, PokerStars management team said “ban all sit out mother fuckers!!!”

Ohhh, I got a new e-mail from PS support regarding the issue…  I wrote them a complaint regarding the table limit and questioning them why they banned me for no reason (and “I agree” to their ToS and ring game rules which they forced me to agree in order to get back the multi-tables privileges).  They did not answer any of the questions, only an auto generated e-mail was sent out.  The following was what I received from them.

Hello XXX,

Thank you for your acknowledgment. 

We have passed your PokerStars userID to our Poker Room Management team. Your table cap and privileges will be restored within 24 hours.

We appreciate your patience regarding this matter.


Jarred K
PokerStars Support Team

After finding out about the sit out protest, I sent them another complaint about their reckless action of banning the non-protester, and they just ignored me and did not reply, fuck yea, that is how they treated their customers.

Another e-mail from PS support  about the reinstate table limit to 24 tables:

Dear XXX,

We’re writing to inform you that the number of ring game tables you are able to sit at concurrently (your ‘table cap’) has been increased to 24. 

Thank you for choosing PokerStars, the world’s largest poker room.

PokerStars Poker Room Management
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PokerStars New Shit Policies Update

A reply from PokerStars support:

Hello XXX,

Thank you for contacting PokerStars.

Recently you were limited to playing only one ring game table at a time due to your participation in a mass sit-out at PokerStars tables. Your actions were in violation of section 1.1 of the PokerStars Terms of Service that states:

“Subject to the terms and conditions contained herein PokerStars grants the User a non-exclusive, personal, non-transferable right to install and use the PokerStars poker software ("Software") in order to access the PokerStars servers and play the poker games (the "Games") available (the Software and Games together being the "Service").”

You were also in violation of ring games rules 10 and 11 that state:

10: In general players are expected to be seated with the purpose of playing
11: At tables with more than two seats: 
-It is acceptable to be seated but occasionally deny action in certain circumstances, such as being seated to help start a new ring game but not wanting to play heads-up.
-It is not acceptable to remain sitting out at a table (especially an active one) waiting for one of only a few preferred opponents to arrive or sit in.
-In general, seated players are expected to accept action much more often than they refuse it.

We will be happy to reinstate your ability to play up to 24 ring game tables at a time if you provide confirmation that you have read and agree to abide by our Terms of Service and ring game rules. Any future violations of these rules may result in more severe and longer lasting consequences. 

If you would like your privileges restored, please first read our Terms of Service and ring game rules:

Then reply to this email stating ‘I Agree’ to signify that you have read both the ToS and ring game rules and agree to follow them.

We look forward to being able to assist you further. Thank you for your patience and cooperation in the meantime.


PokerStars Support Team
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