UFC 181 Predictions

UFC 181 Predictions

Urijah Faber vs. Francisco Rivera –> Faber

Faber wins by submission. We all know that Urijah Faber never lost a non title fight. This fight should be no exception. Faber will once again fall into that category, a win is expected from him.

Travis Browne vs. Brendan Schaub –> Travis Browne

I had watched the last couple of fights for both Brown and Schaub, it looked that Brown has the upper hand in this fight. A potential of going all 3 rounds and end by decision, by in the heavyweight bouts, a knockout can happy anytime.

Anthony Pettis vs. Gilbert Melendez –> Gilbert Melendez

Melendez wins by knockout. I would have to go with Gilbert Melendez for this fight. He has been very sharp for his last couple of fights, especially the last fight against Diego Sanches, it was an epci fight. Fight of the year 2013. Anthony Pettis just came back from surgery, don’t know how that will impact his fight. Even if Pettis was health and no surgery, I would still have my bets on Melendez for the title fight. Tomorrow Melendez will be the newly crowned champ.

Johny Hendricks vs. Robbie Lawler –> Robbie Lawler

Lawler wins by knockout. Lets talk a step back and talk about the last fight between Hendricks and Lawler. I had Hendricks and Lawler 2-2 before going into the last round, as many people rated that as well. What happened in the last round was that Hendricks was more desperate for the title, he simply wanted it more than Lawler. In the fifth round, Lawler kinda lost focus on the title and just want to finish the 5 minutes, the way I saw it was that his body gave up on the title but his mind cannot overcome it to push it further. His will power for the title was not enough in the last fight.

After losing the title fight, Robbie Lawler should have a clear understanding whether he wants the UFC Champion title or not, and how much does he wants it. Unarguably, Lawler showed his heart and improvements in his next 2 fights that he wanted the title shot again. I would say he is mentally prepared for the title fight this time. With all the puzzles put together, Lawler with a stronger heart and desire for the title, he will be the new welterweight champ tomorrow night in Las Vegas.

Johny Hendricks is a tough opponent on the other hand. His left hand knockout power is always dangerous, never count him out on that one. Remember he had bicep injury on his last fight with Lawler, now he underwent surgery to repair that torn bicep, we just don’t know how much that will impact the fight tomorrow. Similar situation to Pettis, Hendricks had been out of action for some times while his opponent is actively competing and staying in shape. After obtaining the champion belt, Hendricks’ confident level will definitely be rocket high and even more desperate to keep the title and prove that he is the true champ. Tomorrow’s fight between Hendricks and Lawler should be a very exciting match. Even with those positive attributes about Hendricks, I would still have my pick on Lawler winning the fight. If the fight goes the distance and head to fifth round again, it once again all depends on who wants more this time.

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